Celebrating the year of the dragon

The Year of the Dragon was nothing short of a spectacular celebration at Crown Perth. This Lunar New Year, guests were invited from all over to feast on divine banquets and high teas, and be delighted in entertainment with loved ones.

Guests entered Crown Metropol to delight in the wonder of Lunar New Year, where they were greeted by the whimsical 6-metre-high wishing tree, adorned with vibrant decorations and shimmering lights. Illuminated lanterns and vibrant light projections filled the space, creating an enchanting ambiance that captivated all who entered.

Throughout the festivities, colorful dragon and lion dances dazzled spectators, with performers adorned in stunning costumes that brought the traditional art forms to life. The rhythmic beat of drums added to the excitement, stirring imaginations and filling hearts with joy.

At Crown Perth, the Lunar New Year celebration was a time of joy, unity, and cherished family moments that would be treasured for years to come.

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Friends, family and loved ones come together in celebration every Lunar New Year. The 15-day long celebrations are accompanied by rich customs, rituals and practices that include reunion dinners, lion dances and the giving of red packets.

Explore the significant Lunar New Year traditions and customs followed during  this annual celebration.

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