Taste the Tradition of French Cuisine

At Crown Perth, experience the charm of French cuisine, where each dish is curated with passion and a story. Treat your taste buds to the amazing world of French cuisine. From Parisian-inspired menus to hearty provincial dishes, it's a food journey that brings together art and gastronomy. Ready to dig in? Bon appétit!

classiques not to be missed

French food is a delightful tapestry of flavors, techniques, and traditions that have earned it a reputation as one of the world's finest cuisines. Characterized by its emphasis on high-quality, fresh ingredients and meticulous preparation, French food is a celebration of both simplicity and complexity. Here's how French cuisine is celebrated through various dishes and menus at Crown Perth:

Make breakfast the most exciting part of your day by visiting Epicurean. With a lavish range of pastries and croissants to choose from at the Viennoiserie, you'll be sure to go back for more. Load up a plate of typical French breakfast with the selection of jams, cheese, fresh bread and cold meats.

If you're looking for something heartier, start off with a classic - Chicken Fricassèe is widely known as comfort food for the French. With a creamy, white mushroom sauce that's elevated by hints of browned butter, this dish is one to look out for at Atrium Buffet. Max out on indulgence by topping up with the Confit Garlic Mashed Potato.

For a true Parisian experience, elevate your next dining experience at Bistro Guillaume. A cult favourite for French dining in Perth, Bistro Guillaume offers a menu packed with French classics that are waiting to be devoured. From Onion Soup topped with Gruyère, to Escargot En Persillade and the famous Duck A L'Orange, this multi-award winning restaurant never fails to please.


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