discover the best of chinese cuisine at crown perth

There's no need to travel halfway around the world just to try authentic, Chinese cuisine. Within the bustling heart of Crown Perth, you'll find some of the best Chinese restaurants and venues offering exciting delicacies. From traditional dishes to contemporary classics, each menu allows you to wander through the endless flavours of Chinese cuisine.

hot off the wok

There's no doubt that Chinese food is one of the most complex and exciting cusines in the world. With its influences swept throughout the world during the Silk Road and Spice Routes, many Chinese dishes we know and love today reflects a marriage of flavours from various cultures and countries.

The preparation of each dish hits the palate in a way that can't be compared, through uniquely paired textures and flavours. From spicy, wok-charred noodles to handmade dumplings, steamed to perfection, Crown Perth celebrates Chinese cuisine in many shapes and forms.

Can't decide on where to start? Make a booking at either Epicurean or Atrium Buffet, both famously known to satisfy cravings of any sort. You'll find a comforting spread of Chinese dishes like XO Fried Rice, Salt & Pepper Prawns, and Crispy Honey Sesame Chicken at Epicurean. Dive further into complex flavours with Atrium Buffet's Braised Beef Brisket and Eggplant with Salted Fish Pork Mince.

For quicker dining options, 88 Noodle Bar offers a menu filled to the brim with classic rice and noodle dishes. Hailing from Beijing, try out Zha Jiang Mian, a popular fried noodle dish featuring pork mince slathered in a rich soybean sauce. For fans of simplicity, soak up the soothing flavours found in the Yung Chun Beef Brisket Noodle Soup.

It goes without saying that the best is always saved for last, which happens to be Silks. Winner of the 2023 Gold Plate Award "Best Licensed Chinese Restaurant", Silks combines traditional techniques with contemporary flair. From Yum Cha lunches, to Cantonese-inspired afternoon teas, the menu highlights multi-regional Chinese cuisine at its finest.


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