American Restaurant Classics

Enjoy the classic flavours and comfort dishes of the United States at Crown Perth. 

At Merrywell, experience the essence of American comfort food reimagined. Indulge in Wagyu Mini Beef Burgers or The Merrywell Angus Burger that some would say are arguably the best burgers in Perth, and buffalo chicken wings, all made with the best ingredients and served with a side of laid-back vibes.

For a taste of upscale American cuisine, Rockpool sets the standard for fine dining. Delight in expertly prepared steaks, fresh seafood, and innovative dishes that pay homage to the classic American grill while showcasing modern culinary techniques.

Whether you're craving hearty and large or seeking a refined dining experience, our American dining options promise to satisfy your appetite for all things US of A. Join us on this roadhouse drive coasting the brim of American food and lifestyle.

Book in today for an unforgettable experience.


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