Terms of Entry

Proof of Age Requirements

Patrons must be at least 18 years of age to gain entry to the Casino and its adjoining bars and restaurants.

Patrons may be asked to produce one of the following forms of identification and may be refused entry if they refuse:

  • current Australian driver's licence or learner's driver permit with a photograph;
  • current passport;
  • Proof of Age card or equivalent issued by an Australian State or Territory;
  • current WA Photo Card;
  • current NSW Photo Card;
  • Photo Card issued by any Australian State or Territory similar to the NSW/WA Photo Card; or
  • hard copy of a Keypass card issued by Australia Post

Casino Dress Standards

The dress standard for the Casino is smart casual. Crown Perth reserves the right to refuse entry to patrons who are not appropriately dressed or not wearing shoes.

The following is not acceptable in the Casino:

  • being immodestly or indecently dressed. Immodest includes, but is not limited to visible breasts and/or buttocks including by way of see-through material;
  • excessively ripped, torn or soiled clothing or footwear;
  • clothing with offensive design or words;
  • male singlets or tank tops;
  • active sporting attire;
  • manual work clothing;
  • rubber thongs, sandals, crocs, ugg boots, hard toed boots;
  • fancy dress, hats, caps, beanies or bandanas (exemptions may apply for specific events and functions);
  • trench coats, bulky jackets and overcoats; and
  • jackets, clothing, accessories or visible body markings bearing patches, logos or insignia which indicate membership of, or association with, any Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.

Please note:

  • large bags, briefcases, suitcases, laptops or similar items are not permitted in the casino; and
  • headgear is not permitted with an exception for religious or medical reasons (medical certificate required).


Upon request by Security, any person may be required to produce or open for inspection any bag, package or other item, which is in his or her possession whilst on Crown Perth property. 

For further information regarding the Casino dress standards please call Crown Perth's Dress Smart Information Line on +61 8 9362 7693.