Non-Qualifying Activity Policy

Non-Qualifying Activity Policy

Capitalised terms in this policy have the same meaning as in the Crown Rewards Rules. 
1. In this Policy:
  1. Day” means a 24 hour period commencing at 6.00am and ending at 6.00am on the following day;
  2. Junket” means a special group based player commission program in accordance with relevant Crown Melbourne junket agreements;
  3. Premium Player” means a person who signs a Premium Player Program Agreement or a person who participates in a Junket where the person and Crown satisfy the requirements of any relevant controls and procedures approved by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation under section 121 of the Casino Control Act 1991 (Vic) in respect of a Premium Player or a Junket Player (as the case may be) or such other person who participates in a Premium Player Program;
  4. Premium Player Program” means a program that is made available by Crown to selected interstate and international customers who meet minimum program criteria;
  5. Premium Player Program Agreement” means the agreement setting out the terms and conditions associated with Premium Player program play;

2. A Member cannot earn Points when playing poker cash games or participating in any table game tournament at Crown.

3. A Member cannot earn Points when purchasing a Crown Gifts Card.

4. A Member cannot earn Points in addition to any points that may be earned in respect of a third party reward or other loyalty program when staying at any Crown hotel (including the Qantas Frequent Flyer and Velocity programs). At the time of reservation or check-in, a Member must elect and notify Crown whether they wish to receive (a) Points or (b) points in respect of their nominated applicable third party rewards or loyalty program.

5. Points cannot be earned in relation to a hotel booking if the booking and payment have been made through a third party such as a travel agency or hotel booking web site or are based on other non-qualifying rates (including room rates for business or leisure group reservations paid as a group account and family and friends room rates).

6. A Member who is a Premium Player may not earn any Points or Status Credits or redeem or claim any Privileges under the Crown Rewards Program during such time that the Member is subject to a Premium Player Program Agreement or is a person who participates in a Premium Player Program.

7. Crown reserves the right to place a cap on the amount of Points that can be earned and redeemed during a day and during a Member’s membership. Any enquiries in relation to these caps can be made at Crown Rewards desks.

Crown Melbourne

8. At Crown Melbourne, a Member cannot earn Points when playing any fully automated table game, after any Member set PlaySafe limits have been reached until the next Day.

9. At Crown Melbourne, if a Member reaches either a Member set time or money limit using YourPlay, they can continue to play electronic gaming machines, however the Member cannotearn Points under the EGM Scheme (as described in Rule 12 of the Crown Rewards Rules) until the next time limit period begins.

Crown Perth
10. At Crown Perth, a Member cannot earn Points in relation to the following activities:
  1. Crown Perth Touchbet Roulette;
  2. purchase of gift vouchers;
  3. trackside transactions;
  4. TAB transactions;
  5. ticketing transactions; and
  6. once any PlaySafe limits have been reached.
Crown Sydney
11. At Crown Sydney, a Member cannot earn Points once any PlaySafe limits have been reached until 6am the next Day.