Self-Exclusion Online Form

The information you provide below supports this application as well as any future applications for revocation of your Self-Exclusion.

Important information:

  • By completing this Request for Self-Exclusion, you are electing to Self Exclude from all Crown Casinos, or both Crown and The Star Sydney Casino. This Request for Self-Exclusion will be followed by the issuance of a Self-Exclusion Order.
  • For Crown - You will be prohibited from entering or remaining in the casino operated by Burswood Nominees Limited (‘Crown Perth’), the Crown Sydney VIP Casino operated by Crown Sydney Gaming Pty Ltd (‘Crown Sydney’), the casino operated by Crown Melbourne Limited (‘Crown Melbourne’) (each a ‘Crown Casino’).
  • If you elect to Self Exclude from both Crown and The Star Sydney Casino Casinos, you must upload the NSW Casinos Self-Exclusion Form, duly witnessed by an authorised person.
  • Crown is required by law to inform The Star Sydney Casino of your exclusion, even if you only elect to Self Exclude from Crown Casinos. Star may act to exclude you.


I wish to make this Self-Exclusion (application). In making this application, I acknowledge and agree to the following*

Part 1 of 5 – Required documents upload

What is your home property?*
What type of Self-Exclusion are you choosing? *

Part 2 of 5 – Personal information

Part 3 of 5 – Your playing profile

5. Do you understand that you will be prohibited from making any wagers in Crown Casinos and that any wager payable will be forfeited to the relevant Responsible Gaming Fund, Community Support Fund as directed by s86A(2) of the Casino Control Act 1992 (NSW), and s78B (2) Casino Control Act 1991 (VIC).

Part 4 of 5 – About your exclusion

6. Have you previously excluded yourself from any other Gaming Operators?*
14. You will be issued with an Exclusion Order which prohibits you from entering and remaining in the Casino at Crown Perth pursuant to your agreement with Crown Perth, Crown Sydney pursuant to section 79(3) of the Casino Control Act 1992(NSW) and in Crown Melbourne pursuant to section 72 of the Casino Control Act 1991 (VIC).

Part 5 of 5 – Your exclusion process

15. What is your communication preference for the application outcome - SMS, Email, Both (Self-Exclusion orders will be sent via registered mail to the address provided)*
16. Would you like a follow up call three months after you receive the Self-Exclusion Order from one of our external support agencies?*
17. Please select your minimum Self-Exclusion period (this is the period during which you cannot apply to revoke your Self-Exclusion) *
18. Do you understand that you cannot apply for a revocation until after the selected minimum exclusion period has passed from the date the Exclusion Order is issued to you and that Crown may apply conditions on a revocation? Do you also understand that Crown will not generally revoke a voluntary Exclusion Order (Self-Exclusion) within 12 months of the date of any breach of the Exclusion Order? To apply for a Revocation, you will need to make an application and complete the relevant requirements for your return.
As this form is a legally binding voluntary application, please make sure that you have entered all the information correctly before submitting.
If you close your browser window before submitting the application, you will lose all the information.