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Top dining spots are levelled up by wines that make the menus at these restaurants really stand out. 

Where Western Australian flavours and fresh seafood intersect, a nice glass of wine can bring out the best in the two. Some would even say it even makes a dish a dash better. 

Wine pairing isn't just a trend – it's a long tradition rooted in dining cultures around the world. The culinary art of food pairing that many see today has been in the making for hundreds of years– stemming from eras of experimentation, trial and error, and new discoveries along the way. It's all about finding the ideal match to enhance the flavours on your plate, making each bite and sip a delicious collision; a memorable experience.

The Importance of Wine Pairing

The right wine can bring the combination of ingredients in your seafood dish together. While you might believe a high-quality wine would– by default– make anything taste good, it's not always the case. There are aromatic and acidic traits in a wine that could either blend well with a particular component in a fish or a scent that could off-balance a shellfish recipe. 

Choosing the wrong wine can throw off the delicate balance of flavours. A wine that's too bold can overpower the subtle taste of the seafood, while one lacking acidity can fall flat. Finding that sweet spot where the wine and seafood complement each other is a highlight for most food lovers.

What wine pairs best with Seafood at Crown?

When it comes to pairing wine, simplicity is key. Crisp and refreshing whites like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Grigio are classic choices that pair well with a variety of seafood dishes. Their bright acidity and fruity notes make them the perfect match for everything from the grilled barramundi on the Seafood Board at Market & Co to the shrimp cocktail at Epicurean

Market & Co.

Specific Seafood Pairings

You might favour a West Australian rock lobster over a pink snapper on certain days, so having the right bottle by your side as you dig into its crevices would only make it more enjoyable. 

While white wine is known as a great pairing, other options work even better depending on the type of seafood and how it's been cooked. A seafood risotto wine pairing would be different to a seafood paella wine pairing. Reference our comprehensive list the next time you're curious about what wine pairs well with a specific seafood.

For seafood pasta dishes like crab linguini or a black miso cod from Nobu, go for a versatile white wine like Sauvignon Blanc or Chablis. These wines cut through the richness of the seafood, balancing out the flavours and renewing the second bite.


It's crowned as the king of fish for a reason. Very easily, this fish can be paired with most alcohols. Pinot Noir or unoaked Chardonnay for starters, or a Sauvignon Blanc if the salmon is prepared with light and zesty ingredients.  


Keep it simple with a Grenache or a crisp white like Vermentino and Albariño. The goal is to cut through the richness of the octopus with the high acidity of these wines. 


You can't go wrong with a glass of Champagne or something bubbly. The bubbles cleanse your palate between bites, pushing for the briny flavour that makes oysters delicious. 


Pair with a dry rosé or a young semillon. These wines have just the right amount of acidity to complement the firm texture and the delicate nature of kingfish.


The luxury of a lobster dish pairs well with a buttery Chardonnay or a crisp Chablis. These wines bring out the sweetness of the lobster meat. 


Keep it light with a fruity white wine like Pinot Grigio or a dry Riesling. Lighter cuts of fish go well with a light to medium-bodied white wine, and the soft fruit notes in both types of wine do just the trick. 
These wines highlight the delicate aspect of yellowtail without overpowering it.


Pair with an oaked Sauvignon Blanc or a strong dry rosé if you’re having it seared on both sides or go for a light red burgundy if prepared with spicier notes.


Although this is a love letter to the wine connoisseurs out there, there are several other fantastic drinks that complement a mixed seafood dish. A few signature cocktails at Crown with a combination of elements can also elevate your meal. 

Straight hard liquors are another option. The smokiness of a scotch is great for complementing an oyster’s high salinity, and it goes without saying, that tequila is an exceptional addition to a grilled fish night. 

So, swirl around your next glass with confidence and complement your ocean-to-table dining experience at Crown's premium restaurants. Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of the perfect wine pairing, you can carve into your dish knowing you’re keeping the beautiful relationship between wine and seafood alive. 

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