Luckily, you don’t need to criss-cross all over Perth to find the best seafood buffets - because you can catch them all at Crown Perth.

It’s where the finest dining restaurants create delicious all-you-can-eat feasts with the finest seafood. So dive in to discover where to hook your next seafood smorgasbord, here:

Destination: Epicurean 

Situated within Crown Towers, Epicurean is a favourite destination for sophisticated buffet dining in stunning surrounds. Just walk through the gold-trimmed double doors, past the marble countertops and just beyond the iconic chocolate fountain, and you’ll find the open-kitchen cuisine stations, each offering a distinct and unique flavour to your plate. 

You can dine amongst the open-kitchen and overlook the chefs in action or, if Perth’s spectacular weather is serving up sunshine, take a seat in the spacious outdoor dining area that opens out onto the serene ambience of the Crown Towers pool and enclave.

Feeling Epicurious?

Epicurean proudly serves up the finest quality seafood. Choose your favourite shellfish from the platters of oysters, crab legs anḏ shrimp cocktails. Or for lighter options, there’s sushi rolls and sashimi, prepared each day and featuring the finest ingredients. 

To complement your seafood feast, you’ll have everything you need on hand to create your favourite salads. Craft yours from a variety of fresh greens, crisp vegetables, and a bevy of dressings.

Destination: Atrium Buffet

Next in Crown’s seafood buffet lineup is Atrium Buffet – a spectacular open-air seated venue that’s set within the lobby of Crown Metropol Perth. The exceptional Atrium has become the destination for buffet dining in Perth, offering a generous food variety, unbelievable quality and unrivalled service. And even better, the ambience inside complements the deliciousness on your plate. 

Treat your tastebuds at Atrium Buffet

Nearly everything under the sea is on the menu at Atrium’s buffet. Take your pick from rows and rows of oysters and all kinds of condiments to dress them up with. Chilled prawns, just waiting to be drizzled in cocktail sauce.  And mussels and clams, served in several ways.

But don’t fill up on shellfish too soon - there’s also marinated seafood and the sushi bar to try too. Choose your perfect selection of seafood morsels, and top them off with a selection of sashimi, pickled ginger, soy and wasabi. 

Aside from a seafood smorgasbord, there’s nothing in the way of you hitting up the many options available if you’re in the mood for something more earth-to-table. There are an impressive array of other stations to select from. Take your pick from the carvery, to Curry Corner, the dim sum and noodle station, Western Hot dishes, cheeses… and if you still have room left after all that, finish your experience off with a short trip to the dessert bar. Yum!

Images are for illustrative purposes and are subject to availability.


Because we all need a little flexibility in our lives, all Crown Perth’s restaurants are available for all sittings and on all days, ensuring that you can indulge in your favourite seafood dishes whenever the mood strikes. Sea you there soon!