AHA & Don Julio Tequila WA’s Best Cocktail Competition

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The Coco del Sol is our entry in the AHA & Don Julio Tequila WA’s Best Cocktail Competition.

Coco del Sol embodies more than just a drink; it's a vibrant celebration of connection – to the earth, to the people, and to the kaleidoscope of flavours that grace our palates. Crafted with the finest Casamigos Blanco Tequila, Amaro Montenegro, and La Goya Manzanilla Sherry, each ingredient weaves its own narrative into the tapestry of this diverse cocktail. In this way, the Coco del Sol is reflective of our wonderfully diverse state, a melting pot of cultures and experiences that bring our vibrant WA to life.

Picture yourself under the West Australian sun, surrounded by laughter and shared stories. Coco del Sol captures this essence perfectly. The mango and burnt pineapple syrup evoke memories of lazy afternoons, while the yuzu dances between tart and tangy, reminiscent of balmy evening soirees buzzing with energy. Lime juice lends a refreshing burst, like a splash of cool water on a scorching day, while the coconut oil fat-washed tequila infuses a velvety richness. From the jagged pineapple leaf to the delicate edible viola flower, each garnish adds a touch of elegance. The Coco del Sol feeling comes to life within the heart of our Lobby Lounge. 

With every sip of Coco del Sol, you're transported to a world where every sunset holds the promise of adventure. So raise your glass, toast to the bonds of friendship, and let the worldly flavours whisk you away. 

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