WA Rock Lobster



wa rock lobster - silks

Chef de Cuisine Kwan Cheung – Silks Perth

Q. What do you love about cooking with Lobster?
A. It has a sweet and succulent taste, comparable to none.
Do you have a top tip for cooking Lobster?
A. Controlling the fire is very important. The flame must be very strong and the timing must be perfect, undercooked it will be raw and overcooked it will be tough.
Q. What is your favourite way to prepare Lobster?
A. I enjoy deep-frying, as you can retain its freshness. It’s crispy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside.
Q. What flavours do you like to pair with Lobster?
A. To me, lobster has a delicious taste, so wok-frying with a pinch of seasoning allows its natural flavour to shine.
Q. Do you cook with Lobster all year round?
A. In winter I love to prepare Singapore Chilli Lobster with deep fried buns, but in Summer I love lobster like this paired with an ice cold beer.
wa rock lobster - modo mio

Chef de Cuisine Giovanni di Serio - Modo Mio

Q. Do you have any top tips for cooking Lobster?
A. As with most ingredients, the fresher the better.
Q. How do you like to enjoy Lobster?
A. As long as I have a glass of Prosecco with it, I’m happy.
Q. Any flavours in particular that you like pairing with Lobster?
A. Incorporating summer fruits like peaches really complement the sweetness of the flesh.
Q. What do you love about your signature dish?
A. It’s stunning to look at and very unique, I don’t think Lobster Mosaic has ever been done before.
Q. Any unexpected flavours that you think work well?
A.  I love the contrasting texture and taste of pairing the lobster with prosciutto, the saltiness and sweetness is the perfect balance of flavours.
wa rock lobster - bistro guillaume

Chef de Cuisine Robert Murphy – Bistro Guillaume Perth

Q. What is special about café de Paris butter?
Our café de Paris butter is made by hand in-house and is the product of over 40 different ingredients.
Q. How do you like to enjoy Lobster?
At home I love to grill Lobster on the barbecue.
Q. Do you have a top tip for preparing Lobster?
Always keep it simple, don’t use anything that will overpower the taste of the Lobster flesh.
Q, What are the benefits to cooking whole lobster?
The intact shell helps it retain its shape and it also maintains the flavours.
Q. Do you recommend any sides to accompany this dish?
The dish comes with broccoli, I also recommend the watercress salad with witlof, pear and Roquefort for that extra touch of summer.
wa rock lobster - nobu

Chef de Cuisine PingPing Poh – Nobu Perth

Q. What inspired you to create this dish?
A. It was a team effort, I love working with my team to come up with creative dishes like this one. We were inspired by using the whole Lobster.
Q. Why do you use the whole Lobster?
A. It’s such a beautiful looking creature, it deserves to be seen. I love that I can use every part of it, to create different dishes. Whether it’s raw, poached, baked, it’s so versatile and always delicious.
Q. How do you like to enjoy Lobster?
A. Sashimi style is my favourite and I love it with matcha tea.
Q. Do you have any tips for cooking lobster?
A. Don’t cook it, try it raw! The texture and taste is just extraordinary.
Q. What makes this dish unique?
A. It features elements from all around the world, it’s a real fusion of flavour.