Bistro Guillaume


Q. How does truffle complement French cuisine?
They elevate the simplicity of ingredients such as butter, cream and cheese, which are the foundation of many French classics. We use French Périgord Black Truffle from Stonebarn Truffiere in Manjimup, these are the perfect complement to classic French cuisine.

Q. What is the secret to the perfect chocolate lava cake?
Mastering a chocolate lava cake can be complex, getting the timing right is key. You need to bake the cake until the edges are firm, while ensuring the centre is still soft. The final trick, is to serve it immediately as you only have a few minutes until the gooey inside begins to harden.

Q. How is the truffle ice cream made?
Our truffle ice cream is made in-house. We shave the truffle into the cream as it churns, to give a delicate truffle note. It’s very rich and creamy, a delicate combination of sweet and savoury.


Michele Nociti, Crown’s renowned in-house Sommelier recommends:
Le Tertre Du Lys D'or Sauternes
Lusciousness and indulgence go hand in hand with this dessert. To complement this fantastic plate you need the equivalent in the glass. A Botrytis Sauternes is perfection. Liquified candied oranges and honeycomb melted with raisins and sweet spices. Smoking hot!