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Finding Balance and Positivity in Uncertain Times with Lance & Jesinta Franklin

Image Caption: Lance and Jesinta Franklin

Whether it be the fallout from the current COVID-19 crisis, or some of the other equally challenging global issues facing our world today, for many of us the world has never felt more challenging, uncertain, volatile, ambiguous and ripe for change.
Crown sat down with new parents, Lance and Jesinta Franklin, to discuss how they manage to find balance and positivity in uncertain times.

1. What has parenthood taught you both and how have those lessons been magnified at a time like this?

Parenthood has taught us to be more present. We can get so caught up with work and it’s easy to spend a lot of time on social media but since having Tullulah around it has made us enjoy the little things and be more present in life and with each other.

2. Lance, how has your mindset as a footballer changed since becoming a more senior member of the team, and now a father?

I’ve been playing football for 17 years and have basically grown up around a football club. Being a senior player now I feel a responsibility to give back and help mentor the younger players. I had lots of amazing guidance from senior players when I was starting out so it’s nice to be able to return that. Becoming a dad has definitely made me want to take care of the younger players and help them out where I can. 

3. What kind of influence or message do you want to impart upon your followers during this challenging time?

To try and find the positives in everyday, no matter the challenges we face. There is a lot going on in the world right now, it’s been tough in many ways for lots of Australians and sometimes it’s hard to find the good amongst it all. At the end of every day we list the three things we are grateful for because no matter what we are facing we are always able to find things that we appreciate in life.

4. What learnings from this period do you want to take with you as life resumes post-lockdown? What measures are you going to put in place to ensure you don’t slip back into the same old habits and stresses?

Without sounding naive to how challenging lockdown was for so many people, we truly feel it was a blessing in spending more quality time with each other. Moving forward we want to continue to adopt a slower way of life and focus on spending as much quality time together as a family. 

5. Long before the Black Lives Matter movement, you have both been very strong advocates for Indigenous constitutional recognition. How do you feel about the past two weeks of enormous protest and what do you believe to be the most important next step for enacting real change in Australia?

We are both extremely passionate about equality and creating fair and equal opportunities for future generations. Racial injustice is a huge issue here in Australia and has been for many years. The protests around the world have been emotional for our family yet the light amongst it all is that it has brought many issues to the forefront of people’s minds and we are encouraged by the conversations people are having and the desire for change. The biggest step towards change is to keep the conversation going, to demand equality and call out racism when you see it, hear it or read it. 

6. Lance, throughout your football career, including very recently, you have had to adapt to the highs and lows that come with injury and the uncertainty that breeds for your career. This lack of control is something a lot of Australians are facing right now. How do you mentally handle that challenge day-to-day?

Playing football definitely comes with its highs and lows, you can be on cloud nine one minute and then have an entire season stripped away through injury. As an athlete you rely so much on your body so when it lets you down it’s mentally extremely challenging. You almost work harder playing when you’re injured so it requires a lot of physical and mental strength to rehabilitate your body and stay motivated. I just focus on staying positive day by day and have learnt over the years to talk about how I am feeling and surround myself with people who help me stay inspired and optimistic. 

7. What are you both looking forward to doing most once you re-emerge from isolation?

We are really looking forward to our first trip as a family to Melbourne and staying at Crown. We first met 7 years ago at the bar at Crown Metropol and have so many fun memories together there. We also had a trip planned to Crown Perth to take Tullulah to meet the family. Unfortunately this fell right in the middle of lockdown which meant we were unable to go so we can’t wait for the borders to open so we can make the trip over. The team always make us feel so welcome and  go above and beyond and we can’t wait to get back! For years we’ve called Crown our second home so we are looking forward to seeing our second family again soon and enjoy a cocktail or three and a long lunch at Nobu.

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