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Game Day Guide at Crown Perth

Make Crown Part of Your Game Plan

  • Boys' Night

      Turn Game Day into Boys' Night

    • Rally your mates to make a night of it this game day. Hit these three marks and you're bound for a legendary night.
  • Crown Perth Sport Game Day Guide

      Turn Game Day into Dads' Day Out

    • We all know "watching the game" is so much more that gathering with your "daddy" mates in front of the screen. Make the most of game day with our guide for dads.
  • Family Day at Crown Perth on Game Day

      Turn Game Day into Family Day

    • Taking the kids to the game is the perfect family bonding experience. Add more to your fun-filled family day out with Crown's family-friendly restaurants with meals the kids will love.
  • What to do on Game Day

      Turn Game Day into a Weekend Stint

    • What's better than Game Day? A Game Day that becomes a Game Weekend! Book yourself a staycation at one of Crown's luxe hotels and make a weekend of it.