Provisional Member Policy

Provisional Member Policy

Capitalised terms in this policy have the same meaning as in the Crown Rewards Rules.

1. Crown may grant provisional membership to an individual (“Provisional Member”) who has not yet completed the registration process to become a full Member.

2. A Provisional Membership may be granted in the following circumstances:

  1. via the self-registration process at or; and
  2. when provided by Crown after an individual dines at any participating Crown restaurant or stays at any Crown hotel.

3. A Provisional Member is deemed to be a Member and is subject to the Crown Rewards Rules except in relation to those elements of Crown Rewards that only apply to full Members.

4. During a period of Provisional Membership, a Provisional Member can earn Points (excluding play on casino games) and earn Status Credits. However a Provisional Member cannot redeem or claim Privileges at Crown Melbourne or Crown Perth or participate in the other elements of Crown Rewards.

5. Crown will allow a Provisional Member a period of 3 months from the date of activation of their Provisional Membership to complete the registration process described in clause 2.2 of the Crown Rewards Rules to become a full Member.

6. If the Member fails to become a full Member within the 3 month period referred to above, then their Provisional Membership will lapse and all Points will be cancelled.

7. If a Provisional Member is or becomes ineligible to become a full Member (for example, if a Provisional Member is ineligible for Membership in accordance with Rule 2.5 of the Crown Rewards Rules because they are excluded or have had their licence to be on Crown Melbourne or Crown Perth’s premises withdrawn or revoked), Crown will terminate such Provisional Membership and all Points will be cancelled.

8. Crown may, in its discretion, immediately terminate and/or suspend (at Crown’s option) a Member’s Provisional Membership and/or cancel any Privileges, Points and/or Status Credits which that Provisional Member has accrued.