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‚ÄčNailing The Perfect Resume

Cover letters are only required when the advert specifically requests you to provide one. If you are required to write a cover letter, please call the Recruitment Team on 9362 7585 for guidance.

Simple resumes templates
are best, it is not necessary to have a graphically designed resume or a photo. Please see the attached “Resume Template” under Job Support Tools – online documents for an example. Formatting is important so ensure you have a consistent and neat font throughout the whole resume. If you have your current position in bold, ensure all of your previous positions are also in bold for consistency.

Keep private information to a minimum; the only private information you need to include is your full name, email address and phone number. You do not need to include your age, date of birth, marital status, religion or nationality. You may also want to ensure that the email you list is a professional one for the purpose of job applications.

Have your current or most recent job listed first and then previous jobs listed next, in reverse chronological order. Always include the month and year you started and finished each job. If you still work there, put your end date as ‘current’ (for example May 18 – Current). You only need to include the last 5 years of work history.

List your Employer, position title and responsibilities on your resume. Many companies call the same job different titles so it is important you list what you were doing in your job so the recruiter can identify transferable skills. For example, if you are a Bar Attendant you may list your responsibilities as Operate the till and POS system, Make classic cocktails, Pour beer and recommend wine, Create memorable experiences for the guests, Provide responsible service of alcohol, Stocktake, Cleaning duties.

List your education, qualifications and achievements that could be relevant to the roles you are applying for. Include courses which you have completed or are currently completing only, ones you started but did not finish are not necessary. You may also want to include any courses that may be relevant, for example, Microsoft Excel Advanced or a Barista Course. Work related achievements would be things like Crown Stars nominations, projects you completed or committees you are involved in.

List References that you have spoken to and are prepared to be contacted. They may be contacted via phone or email so ensure you have the right contact information for them. It is best to try and list a referee from your current job and at least 2 of your previous jobs if you can. Ensure your references were people you reported into or are in a leadership role and not colleagues.

Your Recruitment Team can support you with updating your old resume, writing your resume, or providing one-on-one advice. Please email your resume to or call 08 9362 7585.